Slag Conditioner

Alobriq S is a steel slag conditioner formulated to improve the economy of steel production.

Alobriq S is a “Calcium Magnesia Aluminate Flux”, that is formulated from a blend of components with different positive effects on the slag, reduces the melting temperature and improves the viscosity of the slag. The reducing slag conditioner components de-oxidize iron and alloying elements in the slag making them available again for the steel alloying.

Alobriq S steel slag conditioner is briquetted allowing for easy and dust free handling and application.
It is composed of highly reactive alumina particles, which react with the slag to form low melting calcium
aluminates during the secondary metallurgy in the LRF.

Alobriq S is to be added to the steel slag during or after tapping. This addition lowers Sulfur and Non-Metallic
inclusions effectively and efficiently without damaging the refractory lining and the environment. Alumina assists
the dissolution of lime in the slag of silicon killed steel, making the slag reactive.

Alobriq S slag conditioner also contains aluminum compounds that become available for reaction at 1400 deg C,
which react with the FeO of the carryover slag. This makes the slag quick reducing, which is desired in steel production
in the LRF. The compounds react with oxygen and lime to form low melting phases.

During commercial applications of Alobriq S following positive effects have been observed

• Stable and consistent steel qualities
• Better alloy recovery (yield)
• Improved desulphurization
• Cleaner steel
• Improved thermal efficiency
• Reduced arc flare
• Improved refractory life